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Q 1. what are the best mountain railways in eastern India?

Asked by rajeshCR (80 months back) - 1 answer - 80 months back

can you help me find the best mountain railways in eastern india? i have heard of darjeeling.. i need more info

Q 2. places to see in darjeeling

Asked by rajeshCR (80 months back) - 2 answers - 21 months back

i want to understand how to spend my time in the best possible way in darjeeling? what are the top 3 tourist attractions in darjeeling?

Q 3. How far is Gangtok from Darjeeling and what is the best way to reach Gangtok?

Asked by ASHA (81 months back) - 1 answer - 81 months back

planning to visit GANGTOK. i will be in darjeeling for a few days and then stay at GANGTOK. please give me some information about how to reach gangtok ...

Q 4. Economy hotels in Darjeeling

Asked by Alka Srivastava (83 months back) - 1 answer - 83 months back

I want to know good accommodation options in Darjeeling within Rs.2000

Q 5. Luxury accommodation in Darjeeling in the Mall area.

Asked by S Ravichandran (84 months back) - 1 answer - 84 months back

Suggest a good hotel within Rs.4000

Q 6. Best Hotels In Darjeeling

Asked by TravelExpert (Pushpak) (86 months back) - 1 answer - 86 months back

We get a lot of calls about what are some of the some best hotels in Darjeeling. Here is quick reviews of some of the best hotels.

Q 7. What are the 3 star hotels in Darjeeling?

Asked by rajeshk (89 months back) - 1 answer - 88 months back

I was going to Darjeeling after some days so wanted to know what were the 3 star hotels there.

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