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Q 1. How far is Gangtok from Darjeeling and what is the best way to reach Gangtok?

Asked by ASHA (96 months back) - 1 answer - 96 months back

planning to visit GANGTOK. i will be in darjeeling for a few days and then stay at GANGTOK. please give me some information about how to reach gangtok ...

Q 2. Tell me about sightseeing places and some budget hotels in Gangtok

Asked by D_Mokarim (99 months back) - 1 answer - 99 months back

Hotel should be comfortable and within Rs.2000

Q 3. Hotels in Gangtok in M.G. Marg area

Asked by rizwan23 (99 months back) - 1 answer - 99 months back

hotel should be within Rs.2000

Q 4. what is the best time to visit gangtok?

Asked by bhattY (102 months back) - 1 answer - 102 months back

any specific time we should consider for visiting gangtok?

Q 5. How to reach Gangtok?

Asked by cutealisha (102 months back) - 1 answer - 102 months back

i want to figure out the best possible way to reach Gangtok. please let me know the best and some cheap ways to reach this hill station in the north eastern ...

Q 6. What are the popular tourist attractions in Gangtok?

Asked by ramesh_v (103 months back) - 1 answer - 103 months back

i want to find out about everything I can do in gangtok in my next visit. please let me know some of the best tourist attractions in Gangtok.

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