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Q 1. Favorite destination in India?

Asked by kumararu92 (34 months back) - 7 answers - 20 days back

What is your favorite honeymoon destination in India?

Q 2. How to spend 3 days in and around mumbai for indian tourists?

Asked by Anil (37 months back) - 9 answers - 7 days back

Please keep in mind that I am an Indian and I am from southern part of India. I would like to travel like any domestic tourist.

Q 3. what are the top 5 places to visit in india?

Asked by amrita (54 months back) - 17 answers - 3 days back

i don\'t if i can cover everything to see in India. but if i need to take the best 5 places to see and experience, what will those be?

Q 4. Famous summer destination in South India

Asked by jayanta (58 months back) - 3 answers - 8 months back

I am planning soon to visit a cold climate area in South India to spend this summer time. But I do not know which area is best for summer. Please suggest ...

Q 5. Best place to visit south India in summer?

Asked by suvamp (60 months back) - 4 answers - 41 months back

In April I want to spend my holiday in a hill station area of south India. Can anyone suggest me which area is the best for summer and also suggest some ...

Q 6. what are the best mountain railways in eastern India?

Asked by rajeshCR (63 months back) - 1 answer - 63 months back

can you help me find the best mountain railways in eastern india? i have heard of darjeeling.. i need more info

Q 7. What are the most popular tourist destinations in India for december?

Asked by jacquie (64 months back) - 4 answers - 16 months back

I know India is big and there will be a lots of places to visit. I would like to know the top 10 most popular places to visit in India (I am from USA ...

Q 8. What are the popular hill stations of South India?

Asked by rommy (70 months back) - 2 answers - 67 months back

I am in the process of planning a trip to south india. I am interested in visiting some of the most popular hills stations in the south. Please suggest ...

Q 9. How to spend 7 Days in South India?

Asked by rajesh (78 months back) - not answered yet

I am planning on see the best things in Southern India. But I have only 7 days to spend there. How can I make the best of my trip? I will be visiting with ...

Q 10. When is Diwali in 2011?

Asked by gbrijesh (78 months back) - 1 answer - 78 months back

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