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Q 1. How to spend 3 days in and around mumbai for indian tourists?

Asked by Anil (36 months back) - 8 answers - 3 months back

Please keep in mind that I am an Indian and I am from southern part of India. I would like to travel like any domestic tourist.

Q 2. Can anyone Suggest me a good Honeymoon Package offer for Ooty?

Asked by GauravB (41 months back) - 1 answer - 3 months back

I am planning for a second honeymoon.

Q 3. Suggest Good Hotels for New Years Eve Party in Mumbai 2014

Asked by mastar (51 months back) - 2 answers - 24 months back

I am planning a trip to Mumbai this year coz ive always wanted to chill out for a week in Mumbai. Basically, its my first time to Mumbai so am planning ...

Q 4. Suggest some budget hotels in Mumbai near juhu beach

Asked by sahil (52 months back) - 5 answers - 7 months back

One of my friends is now living in Dubai. In December he will come to Mumbai for his some personal work. At that time he wants to stay in a good hotel ...

Q 5. Which are the Quality Serviced Apartment Hotel in Mumbai ?

Asked by nassir (57 months back) - 2 answers - 2 months back

Is there any serviced apartment hotel in Mumbai which offers luxurious stay with excellent service and facilities for 1 months.

Q 6. How to Book Advance Mumbai hotels Online?

Asked by lipunmorry (57 months back) - 2 answers - 14 months back

I am visiting Mumbai very soon and I want to book room in a suitable hotel online in advance. Can anyone please guide me that how can I do it?

Q 7. How To Know Best Mumbai hotels For My Summer Vacation ?

Asked by lipunmorry (57 months back) - 3 answers - 3 months back

I am planning to visit Mumbai during my summer holidays. Kindly let me know about some of the best hotels where I can stay ideally during the trip. What ...

Q 8. What are the top 5 tourist attractions in Mumbai?

Asked by sameer (58 months back) - 3 answers - 57 months back

I am going Mumbai for a short trip. Please tell me that what are the top tourist attractions there so that I can visit them. Also, name some hotels which ...

Q 9. Stay near airport in Mumbai

Asked by d_jerry99 (63 months back) - 1 answer - 63 months back

I am coming to Mumbai from Bengaluru by air and next day I have to fly to Delhi. Please suggest me some good hotels near airport for my 1 day stay. Also, ...

Q 10. Mumbai hotels near CST

Asked by gijneshshah000 (63 months back) - 4 answers - 13 months back

I am coming to Mumbai via train and will get down at CST. Please suggest some hotels in Mumbai near CST for staying. Which tourist and shopping place will ...

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