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Ooty or Udhagamandalam is South India's the most popular hill station and a great weekend getaway in Tamil Nadu... more info
Ooty Sunset
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Q 1. Can anyone Suggest me a good Honeymoon Package offer for Ooty?

Asked by GauravB (69 months back) - 1 answer - 31 months back

I am planning for a second honeymoon.

Q 2. Suggest some good hotels very close to Ooty Lake for advance booking

Asked by ranjeet (80 months back) - 1 answer - 80 months back

In January I will go to Ooty with my wife to enjoy my first marriage anniversary. I have decided I will stay 5 days at that time. But I want a good hotel ...

Q 3. Ooty hotels with views

Asked by sandeep_jha (81 months back) - 2 answers - 81 months back

I need a Ooty hotel with nice views. Please mention the type of views (mountains, forest, lake) and the price of the hotel. Can someone help me with a ...

Q 4. Is September a good time to visit Ooty?

Asked by rajju_kaur (83 months back) - 8 answers - 31 months back


Q 5. Best festival time in Ooty

Asked by sarojs (85 months back) - 2 answers - 83 months back

Hi, I am planning to visit Ooty and would like to know more about the area and its culture. So what will be the best time, preferably the festive time ...

Q 6. Famous summer destination in South India

Asked by jayanta (85 months back) - 3 answers - 36 months back

I am planning soon to visit a cold climate area in South India to spend this summer time. But I do not know which area is best for summer. Please suggest ...

Q 7. An Ooty tour in next week

Asked by kumar (85 months back) - 1 answer - 85 months back

In next week I am planning to visit Ooty and will spend some days to see some tourist attraction areas. For these days I want good accommodation. Can any ...

Q 8. Best honeymoon hotels in Ooty

Asked by pradhan (86 months back) - 2 answers - 53 months back

One of my friends is now in Kolkata. He is planning to enjoy his honeymoon at Ooty. So he wants to book a good hotel in Ooty in small price by online. ...

Q 9. Best travels for online booking of hotels in Ooty in all location

Asked by pradhan (86 months back) - 1 answer - 86 months back

After some days I have to go to Ooty to enjoy my holidays. So I want to book a good hotel in advance by online. So I searched in Google for a good travels, ...

Q 10. Are there any hotels in Ooty under Rs. 1000?

Asked by suvamp (86 months back) - 1 answer - 86 months back

Soon I have to go to Ooty. So I want to book a good hotel in Ooty by online. Are there any Ooty hotels under Rs.1000? Can any body tell me?

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