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Q 1. Suggest good hotels in Bhubaneswar close to airport

Asked by kumar (75 months back) - 1 answer - 75 months back

In the next month my friends will come to Bhubaneswar from Mumbai to visit all tourist attraction areas in Bhubaneswar. So they will stay 8 to 10 days ...

Q 2. I am looking for a good hotel in Bhubaneswar for business trip

Asked by suvamp (77 months back) - 1 answer - 77 months back

After the end of this month, I have to go to Bhubaneswar for some business purpose. I want to stay in a good hotel. Can anybody suggest some good hotels ...

Q 3. Popular temples in Bhubaneswar

Asked by Gaurishankar_Mishra01 (81 months back) - 1 answer - 81 months back

I have heard that there are a lot of temples in bhubaneswar. Can you tell me what are the major ones so that I can visit them. If there are any other popular ...

Q 4. Are there any hotels in Bhubaneswar providing airport pickup/drop service?

Asked by S K Saxena (82 months back) - 1 answer - 82 months back

I am coming to bhubaneswar from kolkata by air on a business trip. I want to know that are there any luxury hotels in bhubaneswar which provide airport ...

Q 5. Hotels in Bhubaneswar near Railway Station

Asked by sudeepyadav65 (83 months back) - 2 answers - 66 months back

Suggest a good mid-budget hotel in Bhubanewar close to Railway Station

Q 6. Are there hotels in Bhubaneswar with complimentary airport pickup?

Asked by GajanandaParida (84 months back) - 2 answers - 81 months back

I need a good hotel with Rs. 2000 that also provides complimentary airport pick or drop. Other complimentary offers are welcome. Please suggest a good ...

Q 7. Where is Bhubaneswar airport located?

Asked by manoranjan (92 months back) - 1 answer - 92 months back

I want to stay in a hotel near the airport. I want to know where is the airport and what are some hotels near Bhubaneswar airport.

Q 8. Please suggest some hotels near Bhubaneswar railway station.

Asked by gbrijesh (94 months back) - 2 answers - 81 months back

I want to stay close Bhubaneswar railway station - preferably within 1 km from the station. Please suggest a good hotel.

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