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Sandeep K

Famous historical monuments in Bhubaneswar

I am coming to Bhubaneswar on a trip shortly. I want to know that what are some of the popular historical monuments which can be visited here. Also, what are the accommodation options there?
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Asked by Sandeep K - 1 answer - 35 days ago
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TravelExpert (Shashwat)

1. Re: Famous historical monuments in Bhubaneswar

10 May 2013
The tourism-rich city of Bhubaneswar is home to several famous historical monuments. In fact, there is no such attraction which can be suggested to miss out. Some major among them with details are mentioned below.

1. Khandagiri and Udayagiri Caves- These are the caves carved out from a hill of same name during the regime of the famous king Kharavela, in 1st-2nd century B.C. These were mainly the residence of Jain monks at that time. Located some 6 km from the city center, these are situated adjacent to each other. Khandagiri consists of 15 caves whereas Udayagiri has 18 caves. These caves have been numbered by Archaeological Survey of India. Ranigumpha, a double storey monastery in Udayagiri is the star attraction here. Cave 14, known as Hathigumpha and cave 10, known as Ganeshagumpha in Udayagiri are also quite famous.

2. Dhauli Giri- Located some 15 km from the heart of city, Dhauli Giri is not only famous in Orissa, but in the whole country. This is the place where the historic Kalinga War was fought between Emperor Ashoka and the king of Kalinga. This place is situated on the banks of Daya River. It is said that the water of the river became red by the blood of martyrs at the time of war. Seeing this, Ashoka changed his heart and quit the path of violence by accepting Buddhism. The edicts of Ashoka can be seen here. There is also a sculpture of an elephant made of the top of the rock which is the universal symbol of Lord Buddha.

3. Sisupalgarh- It is also one of the most renowned historical monuments in Bhubaneswar. It was used to be the fort of the dynasty ruling here between 3rd century BC and 4th century AD. According to the archaeologists, the reminiscent of the fortification are over 2,500 years old. Several ancient objects made of clay have been extracted from here. The place is located some 13 km from the city and is a must-visit for history lovers.

Apart from these attractions, temples in Bhubaneswar are also quite ancient and are known for their religious importance as well as their style of architecture. Lingaraja Temple, Mukteshwara Temple, Kedargauri Temple and Bhaskareswara Temple are some major among them. Most of the temples of the city were constructed during Kalinga and Kharavela regime. Museums such as Orissa State Museum and Tribal Museum are also some fine places to explore various objects related to the glorious history of this place.

A wide range of hotels in Bhubaneswar is available throughout the city. You can find a suitable one as per your preference and budget.

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