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How to find a good hotel in Goa?

Looking for a hotel that is at the right location in Goa, affordable and provides good service. How can I find such a hotel?
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Asked by gbrijesh - 1 answer - 35 days ago
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1. Re: How to find a good hotel in Goa?

20 September 2011
Goa has so many different places to consider for your stay during your next trip. It all depends on what you like. Whether you like crowded places with lots of beach parties or you love solitude or you prefer both. Read about the famous beaches in Goa and see all Goa beach hotels and resorts.

Once you have decided on a location, there are several things to consider while looking for a good hotel. Good customer ratings for a hotel, sufficient number of ratings, and overall recommendation level from customer who have stayed at these Goa hotels - all of them are equally important. Here is an article on how to find top rated hotels in Goa or any other tourist destination.

Graciano Cottages is a nice resort on the Goa beach with rates starting from Rs. 1750 per night. The resort offers all major amenities and has a swimming pool.

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