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List of 6 available hotels in Mahabaleshwar . These Mahabaleshwar hotels can be booked online. Choose a hotel based on your preference by area, budget, star rating, etc.

List of specific types of Mahabaleshwar hotels

Railway Station / Airport
  • Old Band Road (1 hotels)
  • Kates Point Road (1 hotels)
  • Valley View Road (1 hotels)
  • Behind S.T. Stand (1 hotels)
  • Behind Madhusagar (1 hotels)
  • Nakinda (1 hotels)
  • Tourist Attractions
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  • 3 Star Hotels
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  • Free Breakfast
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  • Rs. 1001 to Rs. 2000 (1 hotels)
  • Rs. 2001 to Rs. 3000 (1 hotels)
  • Rs. 3001 to Rs. 4000 (1 hotels)
  • Rs. 4001 to Rs. 5000 (3 hotels)

  • Frequently booked Mahabaleshwar Hotels

    Hotel Saket Plaza From Rs. 4350
    Brightland Holiday Village From Rs. 5000
    Valley View Resort From Rs. 3900
    Hotel Dreamland From Rs. 4500
    Grand Resort From Rs. 2395
    Honey Wood From Rs. 1950

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      Photos not available Old Band Road, Mahabaleshwar
      Hotel Saket Plaza is located in lush green surroundings, walking distance from the market yet peaceful. It is 52 km from Satara railway station and 120 km from Pune airport.
      Rs. 4350
      Not rated
      Mahabaleshwar hotel photo Kates Point Road, Mahabaleshwar
      Hotel Brightland is a three star resort situated on a 6 acres of lush green land. Hotel provides ultra modern facilities to provide a memorable stay. The hotel is just 6 km from bus stand and 120 km from ...
      Rs. 5000
      Not rated
      Mahabaleshwar hotel photo Valley View Road, Mahabaleshwar
      Valley View Resort is situated in the beautiful Shayadri ghats over looking to the enchanting valley and offers a memorable stay for people on a vacation. Hotel is located just 5 km from the bus stand ...
      Rs. 3900
      Not rated
      Mahabaleshwar hotel photo Behind S.T. Stand, Mahabaleshwar
      Hotel Dreamland is a deluxe leisure hotel of Mahabaleswar, an ideal venue for people on a vacation. The hotel is 120 km from Pune airport and railway station.
      Rs. 4500
      Not rated
      Mahabaleshwar hotel photo Behind Madhusagar, Mahabaleshwar
      The Grand Resort is one of the premium resorts of Mahabaleshwar with a beautiful view of serene valleys. The hotel is just 1 km from the railway station and bus stand.
      Rs. 2395
      Not rated
      Mahabaleshwar hotel photo Nakinda, Mahabaleshwar
      Hotel Honey Wood is a deluxe leisure hotel situated amidst of Mahabaleshwar. The hotel is only 5 km from railway station and 3 km from bus stand.
      Rs. 1950
      Not rated