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Diu travel guide

Published: 09/09/2013

Beautiful sunset at Nagoa Beach, Diu

Diu - A Beach City

Located on the Western coast, off the Gulf of Cambay, Diu is an off-shore island of breeze and beauty. With limestone cliffs, rocky coves and sand beaches, the island of Diu is situated off the Saurastra coast of Gujarat bordering Junagarh district. An erstwhile Portuguese colony, this tiny island is an exquisitely beautiful getaway with dense palm-groves, golden sandy beaches, historical monuments and serene ambience. Diu is blessed with a pleasant climate through out the year but the ideal time for visiting the place is between October to May although one can make a trip any time of the year.

Diu's History

According to mythology, Diu (means Island in Sanskrit) was ruled by the demon king Jallandhar who was killed by Vishnu. The temple of Jallandhar, an evidence, still exists in Diu. Mention of Diu is also found in the Mahabharata. Historical evidences show that Diu was ruled by a number of dynasties such as Mauryas, Guptas, Maitrakas, Chavdas and the Chalukyas. Diu was an important trading centre and a very busy port. Because of its strategic importance as a seaport, naval base and trading centre with the other countries, Diu became a target for invasion by Muhammad Ghazni in 1020AD. Until 1535AD, Diu was occupied alternatively by Hindu and Muslim rulers. When the Mogul Emperor. Humayun attacked the Shah of Gujarat, the latter entered into a treaty with the Portuguese. The Portuguese occupation continued till 1961 lasting up to 450 years.

Top Tourist Attractions in Diu

Diu offers a lot of tourist attractions for the visitors. Among the main attractions in Diu, one should not miss the following places:-
  1. Diu Fort- An impressive and massive fort built by the Portuguese.

  2. Nagoa Beach- Most famous beach located near the Nagoa village.

  3. Gangeswar Temple- Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Five Lingams amidst rocks on the sea shore.

  4. St. Thomas Church- Museum- Originally a Church in Gothic structure, it is now converted into museum.

  5. Panikotha- Fortim Do Mar- A magnificent stone structure in the sea, the fortress can be reached only by a motor launch or canoe.

Water Sports in Diu

The tourism department of the Diu administration has provided several facilities for water sport activities for the tourists in the Nagoa and Ghoghla Beach. Para sailing, wind surfing, water scooter, speed boat, swimming and sun bathing are some activities that are popular. In addition the Port Department and Tourism Department also run regular Ferry Boat ride and evening cruise at Diu Bunder Jetty.

Getting there and around

Being a major tourist destination reaching Diu is not very difficult.
By Air- Diu has an airport at Nagoa and regular flights operate from Mumbai.
By Rail - Although there is no Railway station in Diu, the nearest railway station is Verval only 90kms away with an onward connection Ahmadabad , Delhi, Mumbai and many other cities of India.
By Road Diu has a good network of roads connecting to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Daman, Vadodara and most of the towns and cities of Western India.

Staying in Diu

Most of the hotels in Diu are located close to the beach and are inexpensive in comparison to other beach towns. The Resort Hoka is a popular hotel located on Nagoa Beach with falicities including a multi-cuisine restaurant and a nice swimming pool. See a complete list of hotels in Diu.

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