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Published: 14/05/2012

One of the largest cities in India, Kolkata (formerly known as ‘Calcutta’) is the capital of West Bengal. Situated on the banks of the Hooghly river, this city, was once the capital of the British Colonial rule before it was shifted to Delhi. Largely a British creation, Kolkata was occupied by the Mughals before the British defeated the Mughals and took charge of the city. Remnants of the British Raj can be found in the entire layout of the city with historical monuments, educational institutes and a much developed infrastructure of those days. Today, Kolkata is a major commercial city consisting of big corporate houses and industrial plants in the neighborhood. This packed and crowded city gives glimpses of extremes with old hackneyed hand pulled rickshaws, to the modern metro railways with garbage and litter and slums to high rise buildings and apartments, with the highly intellectual mass as against the most impoverished manual workers and rag pickers. Yet this city is called the city of Joy. Best time to visit Kolkata is from October to March.

Shopping in Kolkata

Though a number of malls have come up, New Market, AC Market, College Street, etc., Gariahat, Hathikagan and Bura Bazar are some of places where one can experience the joy of haggling over prices and striking a bargain. The cottage industries emporium is good for handicrafts.

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Popular Tourist Attractions in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial built in Italian Renaissance cum Saracenie style is a magnificent monument in while Makkana Marble. Planned by Lord Curzon and Opened by the Prince of Wales in 1921 the Victoria Memorial was an attempt to build a second Taj by the British. It was meant to be a tribute to Queen Victoria, the Queen of England. The Massive and spectacular building houses a museum containing a large collection of memorabilia relating to the queen and the British presence in India, a royal gallery housing a number of portraits Queen Victoria and prince Albert, Paintings illustrating their lives, history of Calcutta, scenes of the then Calcutta streets life in India by the Daniels and many more. It also has a good collection of some rare books. Later after independence, The National Leaders Gallery, containing the portraits of our National leaders was added.
Victoria Memorial is close to one of the most happening places in the Kolkata - Park Street (Hotels in Kolkata near Park Street). Lots of Kolkata's popular shopping areas and restaurants are on this street. It also has access to Kolkata Metro.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Built in the Indo-Gothic style of architecture, in 1847, the St. Pauls cathedral is located within huge grounds on the southern end of the Kolkata Maidan. With colorful art work and splendid carved wooden pew and chairs, the atmosphere of this cathedral is tranquil.
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