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Puri Tourist Attractions

Published: 02/05/2012

No doubt Puri offers access to the abode of the gods and goddesses with its number of temples for the devout, for others, with aesthetic inclinations, tourist attractions are a feast. The masterpieces of sculpture on the walls of the Jagannath Temple with its exquisite workmanship will not only enthral lovers of art but leave them speechless. The elegantly engraved images of Lord Shiva in his various forms in the Markendeyesvara temple are worth mentioning for a visitor to Puri. However, some of the unexplored tourist attractions for the frequent visitors are the SudarshanCrafts museum, the Sand Art Park and the Samukha artefacts sold in the shops along the Puri beach.

Sudarshan Craft Museum

Situated on the Station Road, the Sudarshan Craft Museum has been a major tourist attraction for the artists and the art lovers alike. Established in 1977 by the artist himself ,Sri Sudarshan Sahoo has not only exhibited his own creations but has show cased a wide range of creations in mediums like stone ,wood ,fibreglass, paintings and handicraft items by other artists as well. There are three showstoppers in the museum: a Japanese style Buddhist temple, a workshop and library.

Sand Art Park

On the Puri beach, at the Bay of Mangala River, stands the world’s first Sand Art Park by Manas Kumar Sahoo of the India’s Got Talent fame. Spread over 20 acres of land with grand and stupendous sand sculptors and art work, a visit to this park leaves a unique experience and image in the visitors’ mind.

The Samukha Artefacts

The fabulous handicrafts made of colourful sea shells (samukha) are amazing. Beautiful land shades, mirror frames, door screens, ashtrays, and souvenirs for friends…the list is endless. The display of these samukha handicrafts in the shops in a row along the Puri beach, infact, leaves a lasting impression.
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