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Shirdi travel guideShirdi Sai Baba Temple

Published: 29/10/2012

A place of pilgrimage, Shirdi is a tourist attraction for many Hindus and Muslims alike. Situated in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Shirdi is well-connected by roads and railways to all parts of India. The nearest railway station, built in 2009, is the Shirdi Railway Station only 2 km from Sai Samidhi Temple. Mumbai is 282 km, Nasik is 90km and Kopergaon is only 16km from Shirdi.

Shirdi, as a tourist attraction mostly for pilgrims and devotees, is famous for the temple built on the Samadhi of ‘Sai Baba’ a saint who lived during the 18th and 19th century. Leading a life of an ascetic, Sai Baba delivered spiritual teaching and preached universal brotherhood, harmonious living and charity. Both Hindus and Muslims regarded him as Sat guru or Pir Sai. Baba’s teachings had elements of both Hinduism and Islam, practised both Hindu and Muslim rituals and named the mosque the ‘Dwarakamayi’. Sai Baba had solution for the sick, the poor, the rich and also the destitute. On his death in October 15th, 1918, a Samadhi was built on the very place where he wanted it to be. Some of the important places associated with Sai Baba have been made into shrines, temples, gardens and Samadhi by ardent devotees and followers.

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Sai Baba lived in a mosque which was named as Dwarkamayi by Sai Baba himself. From here the Baba used to solve the problems of people who came to him for help. Most of his discourses were disseminated from here.
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Samadhi Mandir

Baba’s Samadhi built in white marble stone is housed in a stone temple known as Samadhi mandir.
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Khandoba Mandir

One of Baba’s first followers was Poojari Mhalsapati who was a priest in Khandoba mandir.It is said that the poojari welcomed the Baba saying,”Aao sai” in front of the temple when Baba first stepped in Shirdi.


Baba first came to Shirdi as a bal yogi when he was 16 years old. He used to sit under a neem tree and used to meditate most of the time. A temple has been constructed around the neem tree. This place is known as Gurusthan now.

Lendi Baag

There is the Lendi Baag some distance away from Gurusthan.The Baba himself made and maintained the baag when he was alive.His followers continue the practice even after his death. There is the Deepgriha where the Nandadeep burns constantly.


Near Dwarikamayi, Chavadi is the place where the Baba used to sleep every alternate day. A shrine has been built there.

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