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Two Most Popular Tourist Destinations for December

Published: 30/10/2012

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Wondering which place to visit for vacation during this December? There are many places within India to visit during December, the peak vacation time for families. Two places that that are a lot of fun to be at during December are Goa and Puri. While one may argue that there are many other places of importance that could be more fun too (which we do not necessarily disagree), these two places we have picked are extremely special. We picked Goa and Puri specifically for December trip. These two top destinations are greatly preferred not only by the locals from nearby states but also by people from all over the country. Read on to find out more about what to expect in these top December destinations, various activities to enjoy and some hotel tips.

1. Goa - The Most Popular Destination for December Visit

Goa is popular both among Indians as well as international tourists. You will see more international tourist in Goa in December that any other month of the year. This is because Goa is one of the few international beach destinations that is not cold during December. Plus, these tourists get a lot of vacation days during December. Now back to why Goa is popular? Obviously the answer is its pristine sandy beaches and relatively warmer climate. Goa's other attraction is it's rich cultural background - recently the Portuguese settlement - which gives Goa a unique flavor to the tourists. And to add to it, the enormous amount of outdoor activities including para sailing, speed boating and the holiday parties - all combined with delicious food and drinks - makes Goa special. One concern that many travelers have during the peak weeks of December (between 24th to 31st December) is the hotel price. Most of the hotels in Goa charge 2-3 times the normal room rent during these peak months of December. Most hotels also sell rooms only in packages which include New Years Night special dinner and dance parties. Some people may really like it since its a good way to celebrate the year end while others find it expensive and unnecessary. One thing for sure - people do love spending December in Goa.

Hotels in Goa for December Stay

The hotels mentioned here nominal rates and most of these hotels are popular and worth mentioning. These are Hotel Park Plaza (Panjim), Delta Residency (Calangute), Longuinhos Beach Resort (Colva) and Amigo Plaza (Salcette). Each of these areas in Goa have their own tourist attractions and all of these beaches are not too far from Panjim. Check out a full list of hotels in Goa or check out hotels in Goa near Calangute beach and other areas.

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