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Vacationing in Puri During Ratha Yatra Festival - Part 2

Published: 28/07/2015

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Pros & Cons of Traveling to Puri during Ratha Yatra

The most important reasons to travel to Puri during this year's Ratha Yatra is to see the live procession of the chariots on an extra auspicious day because of Nabakalebar. However you must be prepared for inconveniences. Travel to and from Puri will be time taking. Getting to the Jagannath Temple from your hotel will not be an easy commute. The temple compound will be extra crowded. Hotels wills be more expensive than any other time of the year. However, for hundreds of thousands of devotees, these inconveniences are a small price to pay to see the Lord on this sacred occasion.

Hotels in Puri for Ratha Yatra Stay

Hotels are difficult to find and are the most expensive during this time of the year. Many hotels sell out months before the festival. However, several travel agencies may be able to find you hotels within your budget. Two areas to consider for your hotel stay are the beach locations and the Bada Danda. Hotels near the beach are available in many price ranges (from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 15,000) where as the ones on the main street are more economical (Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000). The Bada Danda (near temple) hotels are convenient to view the festival live. Balcony rooms will provide a grand view of the streets and the chariots on the day of the festival. Mayfair and Coco Palm are some of the luxury hotels in Puri while Mahodadhi Palace, Holiday Resort and Naren Palace are a few of the mid-budget hotels. Puri have over 200 hotels and guest houses to cater to the needs of tourists and devotees all year around.

One of the favorite things seasoned travelers like doing in Puri is to plan as little activity as possible during each day of the stay. This will make sure you not only enjoy the sites you visit and activities you do but will also give you the time to relax and wind down towards the end of the day. And yes, don't forget to walk along the long stretches of Puri beaches.

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