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Where to Stay in Bhubaneswar? A Guide to important landmarks in Bhubaneswar

Published: 24/07/2013

Are you planning a trip to Bhubaneswar but not sure which areas to consider for a hotel stay? Here are some of the popular landmarks that one should consider to stay close to during your next trip to Bhubaneswar.
Bhubaneswar's Airport

Major Landmarks for Stay in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar's Biju Pattnaik Airport

It is a domestic airport that handles flights from all over the country. It is situated only 3-4 kms south of the city centre. The airport's proximity allows for less commute time to pretty much anywhere in Bhubaneswar. However, the airport is close to residential areas and the closest hotels are about 3 kms from the hotels. Some of the hotels provide complimentary airport pickup or drop.
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Bhubaneswar Railway Station

The railway station is situated in Master Canteen Square. The railway station is centrally located and is equidistant from many important areas and tourist attractions around Bhubaneswar. Both Sahid Nagar and Kalpana Square are within a few miles from the new side of the station where are the old side of the station is close to Lewis Road, Kalpana Square, Lingaraj Temple and the State Museum. Not only there are many good hotels nearby, but one will also find good dining facilities around these areas.
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Kalpana Square - A central location in Bhubaneswar

Kalpana Square is only 1 km from the main railway station and can be reached by taking a left turn from Raj Mahal over bridge. It is quite a busy commercial area and connects the Puri-Cuttack Road that is one of the lifelines of the city. Bhubaneswar's best college (BJB College) and Orissa State Museum are near Kalpana Square. This area is also convenient if you are planning to visit Puri or Cuttack during your trip. This area has a huge variety of hotels and accommodations in all price ranges.
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State Tribal Museum

Orissa State Museum

The Orissa State Museum is situated barely 100 meters from Kalpana Square and is also adjacent to the BJB College. This area is considered to be the best place to stay as the density of good hotels is quite high here.

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Unit 4

The Unit-4 area is prime administrative area with several Government Buildings and Cultural Institutions. The area is about 4 kms away from the Bhubaneswar Railway Station and also houses the Nicco Park which is quite a popular theme park among kids and adults alike.
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Saheed Nagar

This area constitutes of the planned portion of Bhubaneswar and is situated adjacent to the National Highway No-5. Saheed Nagar is a good place to buy electronic items and PCs, etc. plus it also has malls and shopping complexes. Another Mall can be found in Satya Nagar which is again adjacent to Saheed Nagar. This area has a few luxury hotels to consider for stay near Sahid Nagar.
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Khandagiri and Udaygiri Caves

The twin Jain caves of Khandagiri and Udaygiri are situated just on the outskirts of the city. The caves are situated around 8-10 kms from city center and the best way to reach them is to book a cab or take a bus. These 2nd century caves have ornate sculptures on stone and one of them; the Rani Gumpha( Queen’s Cave) is a huge double storied structure filled with exquisite carvings. Staying in hotels near Khandagiri caves allows for some peace and nearby is the Baramunda Bus stand less than 1.5 kms away.
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Regional Science Park

The Regional Science Museum is situated in the Unit-9 area and is hardly 100 meters from the Acharya Vihar Square on the National Highway No 5. The park is a great place for science lovers and kids and staying here also keeps one close to the Planetarium (500 meters) and Museum of Natural History (500 meters).
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