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Where to Stay in Puri? A Guide to important landmarks in Puri

Published: 02/07/2013

Puri is visited for tourism as well as pilgrimage. One can decide the area of stay depending on your purpose of visit. This will help in making your tour comfortable and convenient. One must consider staying in a hotel near one of these major landmarks or attractions in Puri.
beautiful puri beach

Main Railway Station

Puri railway station is a major station of East Coast Railway and is connected with direct trains to all big cities in India. The location of railways station in city is also convenient. Major attractions such as Jagannth Temple and Swarg Dwar are around 2.5 km from here. Chaktirtha Road and Loknath Temple are 3 and 4 km from here respectively. Staying near railway station can be beneficial from both transport and sightseeing point of view.
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Lord Jagannath Temple

It is the world-famous shrine of Lord Jagannath and a prime tourist attraction in Puri. The temple is located about 3 km from Puri Railway Station. Puri Beach and Swarg Dwar are 3 km from here where as Loknath Temple, another famous holy site is located at a distance of 4 km. Chaktirtha Road, the main shopping hub, is within 3 km from the temple. If you are visiting Puri mainly for pilgrimage, consider staying close to the temple. Advantages - you can visit the temple early morning and late evening and have a closer view (darshan) of the idols with lesser crowd. Some of the hotels near the Jagannath temple also arrange priests (Pandas in local language) for the guests which can be really helpful in offering prayers.
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Lokanath Temple

A sacred and renowned temple of Lord Shiva, Loknath Temple is close to the Jagannath Temple (3 km). Both Puri Beach as well as Swarg Dwar is half a kilometer from here and the main railway station is 6 km from the temple. By staying near Loknath Temple, you can have an easy access to the beaches. So for the visitors coming for both pilgrimage as well as tourism, staying near Loknath Temple is recommended.
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Swarg Dwar

Situated along the shoreline, Swarga Dwar - "The Gateway to Heaven" - is a popular beach in the city. For those who are coming to Puri mainly for tourism and enjoying the beach, this place is next to perfect area for accommodation in Puri. The Puri Beach is just adjacent to it (less than 0.5 km). The Jagannath Temple (1.5 km) and Loknath Temple (0.5 km) are also within a comfortable walking distance. Other major places such as the railway Station and Chaktirtha Road (3 km each) are easily accessible.
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Chaktirtha Road Hotels

Chaktirtha Road is one of the major roads in the city connecting several important places. If offering prayers to Lord Jagannath and enjoying the waves of Bay of Bengal are the equal reasons for your visit - then you must consider staying in a hotel near Chakratirtha Road. Puri's all major landmarks i.e. the Puri Beach (0.5 km), Jagannath Temple and Swarg Dwar (2.5 km each) and Loknath Temple (5 km) are within easy access from here. If you are coming by train, reaching here will be quite convenient as the Main Railway Station is just 1.5 km from this area. Apart from that, Chaktirtha Road also houses superb shopping hubs as well as many beach front restaurants.
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New Marine Drive

Running parallel to the sea beach, New Marine Drive is the best area to stay for the beach lovers that are looking forward to enjoy the sea. It houses the famous Puri Beach on one side and numerous hotels, restaurants and shops on other. Staying in this area gives you a chance to see the beautiful tides and feel the fresh breeze all throughout the day. Many hotels provide balcony with nice view of the beach. Swarg Dwar, the other popular beach, is 1.5 km from here. The temple is 3 km from the Puri beach and the station is 4 km. Some hotels even provide complimentary station pickup.
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