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“ Best Stay in Madurai during my South Trip ”

5  star rating out of 5     Reviewed on Jan 9, 2012
Reviewed by: Sneha T (India)
5 rating out of 5 Value for money
4 rating out of 5 Hotel Location
4 rating out of 5 Cleanliness
5 rating out of 5 Staff
5 rating out of 5 Service
4 rating out of 5 Restaurant

Stayed on December 27, 2011
Would you stay in this hotel again? Yes
Guest Comments:
We had a nice and trouble free stay at the hotel. We liked the location of the hotel. The staff was friendly and did a good job of taking care of our issues. During second day of our stay, the room was not clean. We called housekeeping and they took care of it. The front desk was attentive and checked us in without much difficulty. We would stay in this hotel again.
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