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5  star rating out of 5     Reviewed on Oct 23, 2013
Reviewed by: Madhabendu M (India)
5 rating out of 5 Value for money
4 rating out of 5 Hotel Location
4 rating out of 5 Cleanliness
5 rating out of 5 Staff
5 rating out of 5 Service
5 rating out of 5 Restaurant

Stayed on October 12, 2013
Would you stay in this hotel again? Yes
Guest Comments:
The hotel has an excellent location on the Mall. Anybody can enjoy a walk on the Mall Road. Since cars are not allowed up to the hotel, stairs are to be climbed up which may be difficult for elderly persons. The hotel also does not have the lift facility. Cleanliness, cordial behavior of every staff, quality of food, promptness of service are really remarkable. I shall definitely choose Hotel Sangeet for my future visit to Shimla.
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