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 4.5  star rating out of 5 96 reviews

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“ Pleasant Stay at Ooty. ”

4.5  star rating out of 5     Reviewed on Feb 15, 2014
Reviewed by: Gaurav P (India)
4 rating out of 5 Value for money
5 rating out of 5 Hotel Location
4 rating out of 5 Cleanliness
5 rating out of 5 Staff
4 rating out of 5 Service
2 rating out of 5 Restaurant

Stayed on February 9, 2014
Would you stay in this hotel again? Yes
Guest Comments:
It was a nice stay in the hotel as it is nicely located neat the Ooty Lake Boathouse and the view from the Balcony was really awesome. Amenities are good. You have a really good support staff. Restaurant is a bit unfavorable for North Indian people as it lacks in North Indian cuisine and Non-veg. They have excellent tour packages. We did got benefited from it immensely. Hope to visit the place soon.
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