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Top 10 Places for Summer Vacation in May (in India)

Are you looking for a cool place to spend your summer vacation in May? Wondering where most Indians spend their summer vacation with there family? Check out these Top 10 places travelers like spending in the hot summer month of May.


April and May are the two hottest month of summer. If you are like most families, these two months are also the best time to travel (for reasons such as school holidays, break from the summer heat among others).

Here is a quick preview of the Top 10 most travelled destinations during the month of May in India. Read full details of each of the top 10 destinations for May.

  1. Ooty (South)
  2. Kodaikanal (South)
  3. Puri (East)
  4. Shimla (North India)
  5. Shirdi (West)
  6. Nainital (North India)
  7. Mussoorie (North India)
  8. Munnar (South India)
  9. Bhubaneswar (East India)
  10. Mysore (South India)

The map on the right shows the Top-10 list. As you can notice, four of the top 10 destination are from the southern region of India (Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar & Mysore), three from the north (Shimla, Nainital & Mussoorie), two from eastern part of India (Puri & Bhubaneswar) and one from the west (Shirdi).

Next 5 places preferred by our customers during these busy peak summer season:

  1. Manali (North India)
  2. Kanyakumari (South)
  3. Tirupati
  4. Haridwar
  5. Gangtok

Hotels in
Top 10 Places

1. Hotels in Ooty

2. Hotels in Kodaikanal

3. Hotels in Puri

4. Hotels in Shimla

5. Hotels in Shirdi

6. Hotels in Nainital

7. Hotels in Mussorie

8. Hotels in Munnar

9. Hotels in Bhubaneswar

10. Hotels in Mysore

All other locations

Read complete details of what are special about these place along with traveler reviews and best hotels and packages for these places.

Were there any surprises? Yes! Surprisingly we did not see Goa in our list of Top 15 summer (May) destinations in India. We also wonder why. Goa is more popular in the winter months (Read Top-5 travel destinations for December). Same with several hot spots in Rajasthan that did not show up in the above list for the month of May.

We wish you a happy summer vacation. Enjoy!


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