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A Top Rated Hotel - Key to a Memorable Family Vacation in India

Travelers associate a memorable vacation with a good night's sleep and trouble free stay. A good hotel will make trip worry free and enjoyable. Here are 4 simple rules that will help you find a good hotel within your budget.

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Top Rated Hotels - How to find one?

There are tens or even hundreds of hotels available within your budget for your vacation destination. How to find a hotel that will make your stay memorable, enjoyable and worry free? The best way to find one is by reviewing what other travelers have to say about these hotels. Yes, I am talking about the overall customer rating for these hotels. This is the average of all reviews received for the hotel. It usually ranges from 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest rating. A hotel rating above 3.5 star is considered good. 4 star is usually very good and anything above 4.5 is excellent.

There are three other things to consider apart from the overall rating. They are equally as important as the overall hotel rating and are as follows: (1) Overall recommendation level, (2) recent reviews and (3) the number of reviews.

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Overall Recommendation Level

How many travelers recommend a hotel? This is also known as the recommendation percent. A 100% recommendation level means all the guests who have stayed at the hotel would most likely stay there again and will recommend the hotel to others. Here is a list of our most recommended hotels in India for 2011 . There are more than 60 hotels with 70% or higher recommendation level and higher than 3.5 star overall rating. Recommendation level for good hotels usually vary from 70-100%.

Recent Reviews

Look for recent reviews such as reviews of hotels in 2011 . The latest reviews of the hotel shows how well the hotel is doing recently. Sometimes, the overall rating is skewed if the hotel provide great services years back but not anymore. This could happen because of many reasons including change in management, increase in price but not service, etc. Past ratings does not necessarily mean you will have a great stay at the hotel. What matters most is the ratings from the last 5-10 reviews for the hotel . For example, Hotel Pitrashish is a top rated hotel in New Delhi with all the reviews received in year 2011 recommending the hotel. The hotel has a 4 star rating. Similarly Hotel Sukh Sagar is one of the top rated Shimla hotel s with a 100% recommendation from all the five reviews in 2011.

Number of Reviews

A hotel is proven to be really good only when more than one person has approved it. Consider staying at hotels with a minimum of 3 recent reviews - the higher the number reviews, the more reliable the rating is. One customer may rate a hotel too high or too low. But if multiple customers have stayed and liked the hotel, it is most likely a better hotel. For example, reviews of 17 different Pune hotels show that Hotel Sapna and Hotel Bhoosan have a average rating of 4 stars and both have over 35 reviews . Lots of good reviews is the sign of a great hotel. Choosing one of these Pune hotels will most likely make your stay in Pune enjoyable and memorable. Similarly, Hotel Lake View and Madhav Guest house have over 130 reviews each and are top quality hotels in Ooty with 3.5 star and 4.5 star overall rating respectively.

Make sure you look for the above things while reading through reviews and I bet you will find a very good hotel that will make you family vacation memorable.

Happy vacationing!

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