Pushpak Rewards - Stay 10 nights. Get 1 free


Stay 10 nights. Get 1 free. It's as easy as that.

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Here is how it works :

1. Book 10 nights over a period of time (or at once) at any of our 2000+ hotels.
2. Once you have stayed in the hotels, you will earn 1 night free.
3. On your next booking, you will receive 1 night free.

How is 10 nights calculated?

1st April 2010 - Goa - 2 rooms x 3 nights = 6 nights
12th May 2010 - Mumbai - 1 room x 2 nights = 2 nights
5th Oct 2010 - New Delhi- 1 room x 2 nights = 2 nights
Total nights = 10 nights

5th Nov 2010 - Puri - 1 room x 2 nights = 2 nights (You get 1 night is free in this booking)

Terms & Conditions:

1. Free night is earned only after you have stayed (checked-in) for your 10 nights bookings.
2. Free night offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Meaning, your booking will not be elligible for free night stay if you have applied other discounts or coupons for that booking.
3. This promotion applies for all booking received on or after 20th April 2010. Bookings older than 3 years cannot be used towards reward night calculation.
4. Maximum rate of the 11th night room cannot exceed the average rate of the previous 10 nights bookings. Example, if you booked 10 room nights at an average cost of Rs. 1000 per night. Your 11th night room rate has to be less than or equal to Rs. 1000. If it exceed Rs. 1000, we will apply a discount of Rs. 1000 for the 11th night. Remaining balance will be paid by guest.
5. Certain hotels are not eligible for this promotion. Meaning any booking made in these hotels will not be counted towards the 10 night stay and are not eligible for the 1 night free stay either.
6. Certain bookings are not eligible for this promotion. Group bookings are excluded from this deal. Any booking with more than 4 rooms are considered group. Multiple bookings by same person for same hotel and for same stay dates are combined together while calculating to decide Group bookings.
Please look for the "Stay 10 nights. Get 1 free" sign next to the hotel's name while making a booking.


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